Induction Guide


This induction should be read by every recruit when they arrive in ANZA home region. The recruiter or induction officer should be available to assist with any enquiries recruits may have. This may include some mentoring and perhaps some demonstration if required. The recruit should already know and have Teamspeak, Forum access, Discord and they should also be moved into Null Sec.


ANZA has certain standards regarding safety and avoiding non-PVP ship losses.

The reason is simple: ANZA’s bitch about non-PVP losses. This is because losing PVE ships puts blood in the water, so to speak. Knowledge that ANZA pilots are easy kills in their home space will bring more and more intruders to our home area.

Our home area is where our combat pilots come between deployments (or if they have a leave pass) to earn the ISK they need to continue enjoying their game. As an ANZA member, you are expected to do your best to keep our home region secure.

This induction is designed to ensure you know how to do that.

Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns about any part of this induction.


NBSI “Not Blue Shoot It” means that ANYONE entering local who does not show as light blue, dark blue, green or purple is a hostile and will try to kill you. See the Overview section below for tips on getting an overview setup that will properly identify friend from foe.

Standing Fleet

Before you undock, its recommended you join a ‘Standing Fleet’. This is important for security purposes and could mean the difference between you losing a ship or being saved. It will enable you to get help quickly. You will also receive fleet Bonuses. The fleet should be named “Standing Fleet” To find this fleet, eve menu – social – fleet you may move the fleet tab to your left hand task bar. All available fleets should then be listed. If you see no such fleet, ask in corp chat or on TS3 if there is a standing fleet up. If there isn’t a Standing Fleet advertised, please create one.

How to Join a Fleet

The Fleet overview is found in the Eve Menu – Social – Fleet

Click on the fleet icon.

Right click on the little square in the top left corner of the fleet window. Left click “create fleet”.

Your fleet is now displayed.

Right click the little square again and select “view as hierarchy”.

Please note – If it is already displayed as hierarchy, there will be an option called “view as flat list”.

Right click the little square again and click “create advert”.

Name the fleet “Standing fleet”. Leave the description blank. Check the “My Corporation” and “My Alliance” boxes.

Click “Hide Details in Advert” and leave everything else blank.

Click “submit” and you’re finished.

Leadership skills

Put Free Move on and put the fleet members with the highest leadership skills in Wing Command and ask those with lower leadership skills to fill the squad commander places. All types of boosts can be provided by any member of the fleet, not just by the people holding the leadership positions. If you are going AFK but staying in fleet, please ensure you hand over boss to someone else in fleet or leave fleet. IF the Boss does go AFK leave the fleet and start a new fleet.


Intel channel are Found in Corporation – Alliance – In Game Channels

You should always have intel channels up and it should always be showing while active in game.

To report a hostile, drag his name from local to the intel channel text window, drag the system name from the top left corner of your screen. Type Ship type, only if known, use D-Scan to check for ship type. Type – NV if there is No Visual on ship type.

Take Note

Have you read the MOTD and do you understand it? Any corp member seen chatting or giving blue intel in intel channels will be reprimanded and will risk being kicked from the channel. If reporting a hostile, never give a ship type unless you are absolutely sure it is the right ship. This is if you have seen it on your overview, or you have it on D-scan and you are alone with the hostile’s in system. If you are not definite on ship type, but think you know what he’s in, always post it as “possible (ship type)”

If a gang is roaming through Null Sec, they will almost certainly visit known ratting systems. Because they are not in system yet, it is safe to dock up.

If a hostile gang is reported less than three jumps away and you are active in space, GET SAFE! Immediately.


Local is the single most important intel source for anyone in null sec. It should always be separated from the other chat channels and prominently displayed. If you are docked, it should still be displayed to enable you to advise others if a hostile comes into system. If you are watching local while in space it is impossible for a hostile to catch you. A ratting fit battleship can easily retrieve drones and warp to a POS or safe spot well before a hostile can load grid, do a system scan and warp to your CA. We have tested the post Rubicon changes to interceptor warp speeds / agility / interdiction nullification and this fact still stands. If you are doing a scan site, you have even more time. If you are belt ratting, they still have to guess which belt you’re in and warp to it. So, just to repeat that, If you are watching local while in space it is impossible for a hostile to catch you. Do you have your overview set so that hostiles blink in local? When ratting or mining, seeing nasties appear in local is vital to avoid losing shiny ships. One thing we find very helpful is to have the status icons next to the char names set to blink for said nasties. Here’s how:

  1. Open the overview settings (shift + o if in station)
  2. Go to the Appearance tab, select Colortag tab.
  3. Right click on Pilot has terrible standing.
  4. Select Toggle blink
  5. Repeat this for bad standing, neutral standing, no standing and Pilot is at war with your corporation/alliance options.

This stands out especially well if you have local set to Show compact member list (right click on the top of the local window). Just a note, reset this to non-blinky when in High Sec or it’ll drive you bonkers!


Learn it, love it and always have DOTLAN open.


Location – are now shared Bookmarks. These are filed as Corporation and Alliance Locations. Before you go ahead to follow the information below to make Bookmarks, Tacticals and Insta-Undocks. Please check the location information there may be already found in your location for you to use.

Gate Tactical’s and Safe Bookmarks

Gate Tacticals should be made at least 160k off gates and in a direction that is not in line with any celestials or structures that can be warped to (this includes other gates). You should always make your own tacticals and never buy them or accept them from others. Always warp to a gate tactical before jumping to the next system to avoid possible drag or catch bubbles and hostiles suddenly jumping into system at your destination gate while you are in warp.

Do you know how to make and use instant undocks?

Any system station you regularly undock from, create an instant undock bookmark. To do so, simply undock in a fast MWD-fitted ship. Without changing direction or speed, engage MWD and once far enough away (opinions vary on distance but at least 300k is OK) and make a bookmark. When undocking, warp to the bookmark as soon as you load grid and can do so.

Do you know how to make and use good safe spots?

Safe spots can be made by Book marking any random spot in space. It is preferable to make them over 15au away from any celestials, especially gates and stations; this puts you out of D-scan range and harder to find. It is also good to make them off the ecliptic plane, that is, in an up or down direction. It is amazing how many combat scanners don’t think in 3D. A common way to get good safe spots is to bookmark a CA you have finished that is in a good spot. If you are being actively hunted by a gang with probes and have no cloak fitted, bounce from safe to safe, varying your warp to distance each time. Also make new safes as you warp. Try to avoid warping to the same spot twice, as interceptors can be waiting for you and a good combat scanner will have a probe parked nearby. Never sit still for more than a few seconds.

Overview tabs

As null sec pilots, we rely heavily on our overview. Make sure your overview is set up correctly and that you have your filters in the correct order. Some of our corp, fleet and alliance mates have negative sec status; this will show them as flashy red on your overview if it’s not set up correctly. Shooting these people tends to upset them; so it’s worth the time to set it up.

Overview Settings Z-

S Overview Channel link found in Corp Channel in game ‘Standard 2BL’

The usual tabs to have include a PVP tab, a ratting tab and a travel tab.


Tick the check box “Use Active Overview Settings”. This allows you to quickly click your PVP tab to identify hostile ships and probes. To set the D-scan to maximum range, type 9’s into the range window until a tone sounds. This will set D-scan to maximum range, which is 14.413au. If you are in warp, tap the scan button every few seconds, you may get a hit on the hostile ships.

When a hostile appears

  1. Announce it (calmly but firmly) in TS3 “neutral in (system name)” and recall drones. 2. Hit warp to POS or SS, DO NOT warp to a station. DO NOT warp to a gate. DO NOT wait for your drones, they are cheaper than your ship. 3. While in warp, report in intel. 4. Also, as you warp, keep spamming D-scan to try to get a ship type. 5. Should you get a ship on D-scan, make sure it’s not a corp mate by asking on TS and in corp chat. Then, if it is a hostile, post it in intel.


The only time you should ever engage a hostile with a PVE ship is if he has you pointed and you cannot escape. The reason is simple, whilst his ship is fitted purely for PVP, yours is not. Whatever resist hole you have in your tank (because you are fitted for the rats resists) he will be fitted to exploit it. You cannot guarantee he doesn’t have a cyno fitted or another ten fleet mates next door. If you engage a hostile in a ratting ship, you will probably lose it. You will subsequently be trolled mercilessly, because there is no excuse for doing so.

Log off traps

A log off trap is when a hostile logs off in an unfinished CA in the hope that you will have returned to it when he logs back on. If you are sitting at the warp in point of the CA, he will land right on top of you.

It was possible to receive notifications around a pilot’s online/offline status, however this has been removed. If a pilot logs off without choosing to ‘Log Off Safely’, their ship will remain in-space and on d-scan for 30 seconds. If they choose to ‘Log Off Safely’, they will need to sit in-space for 30 seconds without any modules activated for their ship to disappear immediately. After warping to safety, d-scan the CA you left from using a low angle to see if you can catch their ship on d-scan. If you see a cloaky ship (Force Recon, Stealth Bomber, Astero or Stratios, etc) showing on d-scan for an extended time which then disappears when the pilot leaves local, they may have logged off in your anomaly.

If you suspect a hostile is logged off in system, also report that fact in the Intel Channel “ may have logged off in ”.

If a hostile leaves system after being in system for a little while, why would you not warp back to your CA immediately?

Because the hostile may well have bookmarked the CA and will wait next door for a while before jumping back in and warping straight to the bookmark.

Getting around

Travel ships

Since the Rubicon expansion, the best travel ship in null sec is without doubt a speed fit interceptor. Fitted with rigs to increase warp speed, agility mods in the lows and a MWD, these ships are almost impossible to catch, let alone kill. The only real danger to these ships is a smart bomb battleship, so still use your gate tacticals to get a visual on the out gate. The only way to travel ships are travel ceptors, see corperation ship fittings to find our fit. You should always check intel for recent activity and request a system status if there are any recent reports of hostile’s in the immediate area.

Selected Item window

Size your selected item window so that it’s just big enough to have the larger sized buttons and place it near your HUD. This will bring up a menu of options for any item you click on in your overview.

Aggression timers

If you aggress another player in null sec, you will not be able to jump through a gate until 60 seconds after your last act of aggression. This is displayed as a rotary timer in the top left corner of your screen. Acts of aggression include using any weapon or combat module against another player – including fleet members, alliance and corp members. If asked to web a slow to warp ship (like a freighter), you will get an aggression timer and be unable to jump for 60 seconds.


You should use a scout whenever you are moving from system to system in a ship that is not particularly fitted for or suitable for null sec travel. Lemming jumping (jumping un-scouted in an unsuitable ship into a system on which you have no intel) is not a good idea if you wish to avoid being trolled. If you are in an unsuitable ship bubbles and insta-lock ships will usually spell your downfall.

The cloaky micro-warp drive trick

To do this you will need to have your ship fitted with a MWD and a cloaking device. If you jump into a system and there are hostiles on the gate:

  1. DON’T PANIC! Your ship is cloaked and will remain so for a full 30 seconds, a relatively long time.
  2. Zoom out and assess your situation.
  3. Select a good warp to point (which way your ship is facing is irrelevant). If warping to a tactical, it’s a little trickier, as you will have to right click in space and find the right button each time.
  4. Click align to, engage your MWD and activate your cloaking device. Just before your MWD completes its cycle, disengage your cloak and then click the warp to button (remember, if warping to a celestial, never warp to zero).

Due to the mechanics of MWDs, cloaks and getting into warp; your ship should instantly get into warp after de-cloaking. Practice this until you can do it every time, many ships have been saved in this manner.

Jump bridges

Jump bridges are alliance deployed “short cut” jump generators. The jump bridge map available on the eve in game map. There is a small fee to use the jump bridge. Set Auto Payment – Wallet – Automatic Pay – X the box – In the amount box enter 1000 ISK.


Interdiction spheres, generally called bubbles, can be anchored from any ship that can carry them.

They take 30 seconds to anchor and a few minutes to online (depending on the type), they are generally used near gates and stations. If they are anchored in front of a structure, they will drop you out of warp short of your destination and you will only be able to re-commence warp when you are clear of the bubble. These are called “catch” bubbles.

If they are anchored behind a structure you will overshoot the structure and again will have to clear the bubble to warp. This is known as a “drag” bubble.

Light interdictors (or “Dictors”) are destroyer hulled ships capable of quickly launching bubbles. They will usually drop a bubble and burn away and cloak. When you land in the bubble they will de-cloak and kill you.

Heavy interdictors (or “Hictors”) are cruiser hulled ships that generate a bubble around them. They are very heavily tanked resistance wise and are never alone.

For a bubble to work, it must be deployed BEFORE you enter warp. If you are already in warp and a bubble appears, it will not work on you.

Services available

ANZA has a wide range of support services available. It is usually cheaper for you to use these than to do such work yourself. ANZA leadership is constantly trying to improve the facilities available to pilots in our home base, so keep watching the forums for notifications and new services available. Information on Logistics can be found here also join Discord channel Logistics.

A good range of effective ship fittings put together by some of our best pilots are available in game, through the fitting window. Open the fitting window and click the browse button at bottom right. At top left is a window which says “Personal Fittings”. Click the drop down arrow at right of this window and select “Corporation Fittings”.

ANZA Leadership Structure

A full run down on who to talk to about what is found here ANZA Leadership.

Services Required

In return for the availability of Null Sec and its services to you as an ANZA member, leadership requires that you do your best to become a valued member of the team. This means putting your hand up when volunteers are called for. It means combat pilots being where they’re asked to be. It means RockHounds x-ing up for corp ops. It means abiding by the rules, even when you don’t agree. Some people prefer to play Eve as a single player game, rather than an MMO. They are welcome to do so, in Hi-sec!!! People who want to just do their own thing in null sec have to pay for the privilege and ANZA does not rent out space. So those kinds of people are not welcome in ANZA. Please note that ANZA has a bounty tax tracker system in place, so all ratting is actively tracked as to who has ratted how much and where. That being the case, it is advisable to be where you are meant to be at all times.


Your ratting ship should be fitted to tank damage according to the local rats damage output type. A full breakdown of damage types can be found here: Damage Types It is also important to find out which kind of E-war the local rats use.

You can also have a read of this ratting guide.

Safe Ratting

Never rat with a hostile in local. Even if he’s been there cloaked up for five hours, never assume he is AFK. The methodology of cloaky camping is very simple. By sitting in a ratting system for hours (or even days) on end, the hostile is hoping you will get used to him being there. Thus when you give in and go back to ratting he can get himself within point range of you, drop cloak, point you and light a cyno to bring his gang in.

As outlined at the start, losing a ratting ship, especially a shiny one, is very counter productive and you will be trolled mercilessly in this forum Lemming Awards and House of Shit Fits.


Mining Guidelines can be found here.

Mining Rules can be found here. READ THEM AND FOLLOW THEM! Roo quote: ‘get me one strike and you are gone’

Mining Ops are held often Rorqual is the new Drake, so get one.

We also have planned Corp Moon Mining Ops watch for pings.

Where to PVE details are in Corp MOTD. Be in Standing Fleet We Mine together.


You should now be able to conduct yourself safely in Null Sec All new recruits therefore should find themselves readily equipped for good participation in corp activities. So get on comms, get in fleet and have fun!

Should you have any questions or problems or are unsure about anything, please check the wiki and the forums. Failing this, please feel free to contact the following Induction officers for any further help you may need: Ask your questions in Corp Chat.