New Members Guide

Welcome to ANZA! You maybe a relative noob to EVE or you may just be new to ANZA. This page provides you as a new member of ANZA with information about what you need to do when you become a member of the corporation. Please take a few minutes to read this as it will help you getting you up and running quickly. Also make sure you check out the New Recruit Checklist to ensure you have everything set up.

Corp Leadership

Any corporation as large as ANZA needs good leadership. A command structure is essential to maintaining effective operations, and progressing the way we all want to – quickly and efficiently. You can find an overview of directors and their specific area of speciality where appropriate here: ANZA Leadership.

The Corp leader, CEO, Chairman and all around great guy is Roo. Chant to yourself “Roo is the boss” 15 times per night before logging on.



Your Tokens should be added to the ANZA Auth App. All of your EVE Characters must be added here.


You may join your Alt characters to ANZA if they are used for a suitable purpose (ie. not for your low-sec cyno alts). To bring them in to corp, join “ANZA Apps” channel in-game and speak to a Recruiter. The Character must be first added to ANZA Auth and also to DARKNESS Tokens page before it can be accepted to corp.


Once you are in corp and registered, you can gain access to our Forums by going to Auth Services and following the directions there.

To get access to the Forums, you must ensure you have a valid email address on your Auth Profile, otherwise you will be unable to register.


Please have this program running when you’re PC is running, regardless if you are online or not.

You can find the information you need to join our Discord by visiting ANZA Auth Services.


Read this each time you log in.


Deployment – Where you should have Ships and Clones for Home Defence and Coalition Strategic Ops PVP

Where you can to PVE;
Plus all other important information.

INTEL CHANNELS – In MOTD Alliance in game channel – Join Them All
Read the MOTD and follow how to report into the Intel Channel

Check Corporation and Alliance bulletins for Logi and other support channels.
See NeoCom / Corporation / Home / Bulletins for key info as well as Alliances / Bulletins. All of the above is posted there plus some additional policies.


We are currently members of DARKNESS

General Information thread: ANNOUNCEMENT


Darkness Forum Registration Open the URL in a browser out of game.
*Click “Create Account”
*Add username (name of your main character) and password and click on Register.


  • Open a new tab in your browser and go to and login to your MAIN account.
  • Then go back to the tab in your browser with Darkness open.
  • Under my account on the darkness page add an SSO token.
  • Select your main character Name. MAKE SURE YOU ADD YOUR MAIN CHARACTER NAME FIRST!
  • Logout of after added your main character – then repeat the above
  • Login to your account select the alts
  • Repeat this until all of your ANZA characters have tokens.

NOTE: You do not have to add alts if they are not an ANZA member.


Once you have successfully added your SSO tokens Register for Darkness Discord go to the Darkness Forums

Darkness – Home – My Account – DISCORD – Follow these instructions.

DARKNESS DISCORD is used for pings, coalition, alliance and SIG chat.

Troubleshooting Tips – Error message received? Close all Discord in all browsers. Log Off and On. Try it again.

There is a channel on DARKNESS Discord called #corp_anzac_alliance, however we are not using this channel, we have our own Discord server (see below for more information).


Proceed back to the Services Details which should yield this: Darkness Forum Services – Add a TS3 Identity


Open Teamspeak – Enter in the Darkness TS3 service address, and your TS3 Nickname ( you will see if you click the link above)
Once you are in the Darkness TS lobby; you now need to add you TS3 Unique ID Key to the Darkness Forum
Go to TS ‘Tools’ – ‘Identity’ and click on ‘Go Advanced’ then copy your ‘unique ID’ (the page explains this pretty clearly)

Darkness Forum – Home – My Account – Add TS3 Identity (Paste the Unique ID Code Here)


Once you have followed the steps listed, Log out of TS and Log Back In
You will now have your ‘anza’ tick next your nick on TS. Scroll way down and find anza Blue Oyster Bar!

**Default Channel **

Open TS3 – Bookmarks -Bookmark Manager – Select Darkness – Copy this –


===== DARK Corps. =====/Anzac Alliance [ANZA]/Blue Oyster Bar

Paste into Default Channel – Ok – Apply
You will now auto join ANZA Chat Channel when you log on to the Darkness TS

Fleet Operations

Please familiarise yourself with the proper behaviours and requirements while participating in a fleet.

These are taken as a given and no excuses such as “oh, I’m new” or “I didn’t know” will be tolerated.

In short STFU and listen. Do what you are told, and do not comment in local.

Click the link and read the full version now! Fleet Ops found here.

Be on Discord for Fleet Pings. We also run a competition each month within the corp. The member with the highest number of kills in the month wins a PLEX.


Make sure you have your overview set up for PvP.

There are many overviews available on the web and also on our Forums. We recommend the Z-S Overview, join the in-game channel “Z-S Overview” and follow the instructions in the MOTD.

Split the LOCAL channel into its own window, make it big enough to see clearly and ALWAYS be watching local.
Read the Alliance forums and understand how to call out intel in alliance chats, there is always a defined method to be used to identify bad guys, learn it.

All of this info and more can be found in the fabulous ANZA New Member Induction Guide.

Remove CSPA charges

Please remember to do this as soon as possible! The easiest way to do this is:

  1. Open EVE MAIL.
  2. Left-click the white triangle next to mail.
  3. Choose settings.
  4. Set CSPA charge to 0.

Ship Doctrines

Large alliances use doctrine fits to standardise fleet compositions. This makes it easy for FC’s to know exactly what they are getting when they call for a doctrine. Doctrines change to adapt to our enemies, but the core skills usually remain the same. Before you cry “BUT I WANT TO FLY RATTLESNAKES”, realise that you have to walk before you can run. Also, Rattlesnakes aren’t currently in the doctrines. That being said, you are free to train whatever floats your boat – After you can fly the doctrine ships! , but don’t be surprised if the FC asks you to dock up and get in an appropriate ship – Do not be a Snowflake! Finally, non-doctrine ships are not reimbursable via SRP. So if you lose it, it will be up to you and your wallet to replace – simply put, only fly them on your own time, on an Alt not in corp.

ANZA MOTD is the most Reliable for What Ships? What System?.

Check out the Doctrines – see the skills needed and train them. Fly them as specified – DO NOT Enhance them!

Red Pen – CTA -STRAT OP – Roaming – What Kind of Fleet is that?.


There will come a time in your career in ANZA when we will move our home base. Now we are in Darkness, – be ready for war have Doctrines Ships fitted and ready Coalition Ships in DO6H-Q and Alliance Ships in CZDJ-1. The move may be between Systems or it may be across entire regions.

Listen closely in TS and watch the forums/ Discord / MOTD for instructions. Move orders will come well in advance of the time you are required to move. ANZA members run a Logistics Service Logistics details found here, Join the ANZAC ALLIANCE Logistics Discord Channel


The Alliance has several logistic services, In the MOTD Join the Channel the in game Prices and Who Does and Where they go is in that channel Use It. Doctrine ships and war materiel to deployment – leave your ratting stuff at home.

You can also ask on teamspeak for any Anza Cap pilot who may have spare room to move your ships configured.

You can also contact out of Corp movers at Red Frog Freight.

When a ship is being moved by the Corp you may only have ammo in the cargo bay and NOTHING else, Change the Name of the Ship to your character name. Never have more ships than you need on deployment. More than 100m3 is to much.

Corp Bookmarks

Safe Spots
Right Click in Space to Find Corperation – in space corp Bookmarks will be located here.
Jump Bridges – Cyno Spots – Undock – Dock – TACs – TEMP

Also Found in People and Places in game tool under Corporation for favourites in the system you are in.

If there are no safe spots Corp favourites for the system make them! How to make a safe spot.

Make at least 3 Safe spots in random space, more than 15AU away from anything if you can.

Make at least 1 safe spot over 150KM from each gate in the system

Make a flip out safe spot. Eject from the station and without altering direction turn on your MW or AB and run straight out until you are at least 250-300km out, make a book mark. This can be used in the event you need to burn straight out of a station camp.

Find the System you are in on Dotlan and check around the area. Check the local systems and work out how to get around. Have dotlan open all the time either in game or on a second screen.

Open the in game map and check for Ships killed 1hr/24hrs and pods killed 1hr/24 hrs to see what activity is like in the systems around you.


You and Diplomacy how you interact with Eve whilst in ANZA

Important ..this is a must read:
This aricle is about you and how as a memeber of ANZA we expect you to interact with your Alliance buddies and the rest of eve:

  1. Mining Rules – READ THIS. Read it and understand it, the alliance has a zero tolerance approach to these rules!

Rooman: “Give me One Strike and you are gone”.

  1. Post introduction thread on the Forums with 48 hours of joining ANZA.
    No post? You will be removed from ANZA. Head on over to the Welcome Lounge on the Forums to make your introduction thread. Doesn’t have to be long, just say hi and tell us all a little about who you are.
  2. Follow all GOTG and DARKNESS Doctrine, you should not under any circumstances compromise their Fittings to join a fleet.
  3. When DARKNESS is on deployment you are on deployment.
  4. No ratting in armour Supers. For the love of EVE, be in the STANDING FLEET and fit a cyno.
  5. Do not talk in local. Stay classy at all times!
  6. Do not reply to Corporation or Alliance in-game mail, ever!
  7. If you do go AFK please post in the AFK Notifications.
  8. Familiarise yourself with the Alliance Export Rules.

Not necessarily a rule but a good piece of advice, do not die in a non-combat ship on your main character when not part of a fleet and specifically told to do so i.e. in the case of being a bait ship.


Now that you have made it this far, you may have questions. You can always ask for assistance in corp chat in game, you also have the Forums, Discord and Teamspeak where you find all ANZA members to be very knowledge and helpful.