New Recruit Checklist

Welcome new recruit to ANZAC ALLIANCE (ANZA)! You have made a fine choice for your next journey into the deep dark part of EVE that is null sec and we hope you enjoy your stay.

As fresh meat for the grinder there a number of tasks you need to complete when you join ANZA to ensure you are in the loop and able to participate. If you get stuck, ask your corp members or your Recruiter/handler for help.

Before Joining the Corp

  1. Relocate any assets you want to bring out to null-sec in Jita 4-4. The Alliance has a logistics service you can use to safely relocate your stuff – no fee but tipping highly suggested. Make sure everything is repackaged. The Alliance forum has instructions.
  2. Burn out to the first low sec system on the way, dock up and then accept the corp invite. This helps you avoid being ganked by high sec war deccers and other people who target our members.
  3. After accepting the corp invite, exit Eve and re-log in. This refreshes your standings and helps keep your ship in one piece.
  4. (optional) Use Dotlan to plan your trip. If you are a CAP pilot talk to someone before you start solo jumping, or worse, taking gates.

Getting to our Home System

Our home system can change from time to time depending if we are deployed on contract, to find the current location/s check the in-game Corp chat message of the day.

Join the DARKNESS intel channels so you can get a heads up on any baddies during your travel.
Make sure you have accepted the corp invite before entering null-sec. As a NBSI corp and alliance you will be engaged, and podded on sight if you haven’t yet joined the corp. We won’t refund your ship either.
You will probably run into hostiles and gatecamps on your journey. The safest ship is the Interceptor but if you cannot fly one a shuttle or a fast cheap frigate can also be used.

Don’t forget to ask your recruiter/handler or your fellow new corp members for advice on getting to our home too.

Auth and Out of Game tools

Once you have accepted the corp invite it can take several hours for the EVE API to show us that you are in corp, however ANZA Auth updates fairly quickly as you already entered your SSO tokens during the recruitment process.

We currently use several key out of game tools to manage everything, Discord for text communication and Teamspeak and at times Mumble for voice, Darkness forums for doctrines. It is mandatory to be connected and online to Discord, and Teamspeak whenever you are in-game. Teamspeak is used in fleets. These tools allow us to notify you about important events and new fleets that are available.

When setting up these services, you should use a different set of API keys for ANZA, to all other eve online 3rd party services. This helps prevent conflicts and errors when each service polls the API to update your details. Also DO NOT use the in game browser to set these up, use your normal web browser out of game as the IGB breaks stuff. In short if a tool requests an API key – make one just for that tool – Do not re-use them

Work through New Members Guide.

Once you are set up on all the above tools, post your welcome post in the Welcome Lounge. Read the sticky for the template to use. This is mandatory for all new recruits so that we know you are set up fully.

Would you like to know more?

  1. Don’t Poke the Bear!
  2. Read and understand the New Members Guide. Ask your recruiter/handler if you need any clarification or have questions.
  3. Check out the ship doctrines and required skills.
  4. Set your personal Home Location to the current ANZA staging system, that way when you die you don’t end up back in high sec.
  5. Join other in-game Intel channels as you need.
  6. Understand how Jump Fatigue works and don’t wind up with a ton of it.
  7. Have a look around the ANZA forums and the wiki for lots of great information to help you in 0.0.
  8. Ask questions and be logged into Discord and Teamspeak when you are online. Make yourself known and participate in activities and fleets.
  9. When is the next Fleet? Fleet Ops are found here, broadcast to the #broadcast channel on ANZA Discord, #strategic_pings, #coalition_pings or #darkness_pings channels on DARKNESS Discord and also in the in-game channel G_OPS.
  10. Download and install TACO because it is bloody awesome.
  11. Check out EVE fan-made music at least once..