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Before you go any further at all, you must register to our forums here:

How to Apply

Only when you have completed your registration to the ANZAC Alliance forums may you proceed to the steps below.

  1. Goto this google form and answer every question to the best of your ability.
  2. You will receive an email upon completion, follow the instructions within.
  3. Get into ANZA APPS channel in game, and await your interview. If there are no recruiters available please check back later.
  4. All applicants must post a copy of your Google doc application into your in-game application. You can find a copy of the Google application in your personal email.
  5. If you are accepted, you will be assigned a handler. Your handler is your go-to for any questions regarding ANZA - NOT IN-GAME MECHANICS!
  6. Your trial period will last an indefinite amount of time until the Corp has reached a consensus regarding your application, you will then be granted either full member access or you will be asked to move on to another corp.

What we are looking for

  • ALL timezone players.
  • You must be a team player.
  • A working microphone and willingness to set up 3rd party programs such as Discord and Teamspeak.
  • PvP experience is a plus, but not mandatory, We are primarily a PVP corp which means that you must always be prioritising combat over industry.
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn and/or teach.
  • A reasonable degree of activity (logging in once a fortnight is not what we're after).
  • A mature enthusiastic attitude and the willingness to participate.
  • 25mil Skill Points.

Alliance Services


Alliance requests every pilot to register with Teamspeak, Discord and now Tokens. This can all be found using the following link - Inside the alliance services are instructions on how to setup all necessary requirements. Sometimes there is a small wait for alliance bot to update information, so don't panic. It is very important that once you register for darkness services, you then set up the following:

  1. Discord
  2. SSO Tokens (For ALL Characters)
  3. Teamspeak

If you need help setting up services, please don't hesitate to ask your handler, if they're not available seek out any ANZA Recruiter.

Who we Are


Whilst our name shows our Aussie & NZ roots, ANZA has grown over the past 12 years to be a multicultural community of gamers from across the globe, and to this day one of the largest AU timezone corps in the game.

Currently, ANZAC Alliance is a member of the alliance: DARKNESS.

Propaganda: Watch some fun stuff with GOTG

The term ANZA refers to courage, mate-ship and strength against adversity if you seek a challenging role within an established, structured organisation; ANZA is the place for you.

What we offer

ANZA's goal is to provide a home for all players, from all walks of life and all corners of the game, where you can be part of a social and active community centralised in the AU/NZ Timezone.

ANZA is one of the top 10, most active corps in the entire EVE online community, we are also a gaming community where you can play many other games alongside fellow corp mates and establish friendships that will last for years to come.

For the new players, you have access to classes, fleets, advice and guidance from skilled and senior players. ANZA offers a holistic experience for the newcomer to graduate into a seasoned veteran, through time and practise.

For the older players, you have access to a range of possibilities, from capital combat training all the way through to Titan battle training, and for the more leadership inclined we welcome you to take on a Fleet Commander role and sharpen your skills alongside your fellow ANZA corp mates.

If you're seeking an active PvP game experience, ANZA is involved in every aspect of combat in EVE; from Black Ops, Small roaming gangs, Large-scale capital fleets and all facets of support. There are opportunities for all styles of play.

Rest assured that we also know the value of a strong logistics and industry wing, we provide mining, building and research services for all those more inclined towards creating rather than destroying. Be sure to inquire within should you make it through your probationary period successfully.

Need to know

  • ANZA is constantly under war dec, should you wish to engage in high sec hauling then you must be in an alternate corp to do so safely.
  • When coming out to Null sec, ensure that all assets that you wish to bring with you are ready to go in Jita 4-4. We'll do the rest.
  • Be active and get involved to get the most out of your time in ANZA.
  • Alliance doctrines are your primary training path from now on as part of ANZA until you can fly every doctrine you will not train anything else.

Returning Members


Please reactivate your account on the forums and then use the form listed previously. Select returning members where appropriate. Make sure you update your AUTH ALTS - Application in Game Only with this: "MAIN CHARACTER Alt". Alts Must be added to AUTH and Darkness Token.