ANZA was born on the 10th May 2005 by an Aussie called Law Zix (his alt ANZAC Inc.) to be a place where Aussies & Kiwis come together.

Our corp moto is alea iacta est – the die is cast.

Rooman: “Not as shit as other corps”.

Role players will receive preferential treatment in their applications (not really, but Roo is a firm believer of Amarr Victor).

ANZA is a PVP centric corp within a PVP alliance, we are not renters or anything similar, we have fought to take and hold our space. Warriors are created and expected to step up at every opportunity.

For recruitment information, join the “ANZA APPS” channel ingame.

Join Us

Looking to join ANZAC ALLIANCE? There are a few steps required if you would like to apply to join us. If you want more information about our corp or joining us, join the “ANZA APPS” in-game chat channel to have a chat to a recruiter.

Step 1: Register your Characters in our Auth app. You will need to go to and sign in as your main character. Once you are signed in as your main character, proceed to add your other characters as well by following the instructions provided.

Step 2: Complete this Google Form so we can get a bit of info about who you are. We like to get a bit of background information on who you are in-game, and also a little about who you are as a person to.

Step 3: Join the “ANZA APPS” in-game chat channel. A recruiter will reach out to have a chat to you about the next steps.