Welcome to Anzac Alliance: A Premier Eve Online Corporation

About Us

Anzac Alliance is an eve online corporation. We are one of the oldest Eve Online AU/NZ corporations and have a proud history within the gaming community. We are not just a group of players but a community who have been around for over a decade.

Whether you are new to eve or a returning veteran, our doors are open. As a large group we offer multiple aspects of eve and being part of Goonswarm Federation there is something for everyone.

Any corporation as large as ANZA needs good leadership. A command structure is essential to maintaining effective operations, and progressing the way we all want to  quickly and efficiently. Below is an overview of directors and their specific area of specialty where appropriate.

Meet Our Leadership Team


  • Rooman
  • Yohnny

Director Team

  • Acacia Incana
  • Lord Minma
  • Watto
  • Zonomar